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General Questions

Do you do hard pull?

We do a soft pull on your credit which does no negatively impact your score.

How long is the process?
  • Once we receive a signed application and bank statements, we’ll have an offer within 24 hours.
  • Once approved, we can have you funded within 24 hours (Same day funding is possible).
What documents should I expect to provide?

All we need to get started is a brief application and the last three months of business bank statements.

What if I need more money then I qualify for?
  • In most cases we can supplement your loan approval with an additional line of credit.
  • In 30-60 days, we can get you additional funds.
Are these loans collateralized?

No. Unless you take out equipment financing or a loan based on property, all of our financing options are completely unsecured and uncollateralized.


How can these programs help my commercial credit?

Unlike secured financing options, our programs are not reported on your personal credit. Our programs report every payment to the major commercial credit bureaus. This will rapidly build your commercial credit while safeguarding your personal score.

How does a business qualify?

There are multiple factors that are taken into consideration during the underwriting process. These include, but are not limited to business revenue, industry, time in business, cash-flow, and payment history.

Are there restrictions on the use of capital?

We believe that business owners know their business’ needs best! Therefore, there is no restrictions on the use of funds.

What if I have questions about my account?

Each client has a dedicated account manager as well as a support team behind them to answer any questions as well as formulate an action-plan for your business moving forward.

What if I already have a loan?

We have programs designed to work in conjunction with existing financing. None of our programs affect existing obligations. In fact, utilizing our services often lightens pre-existing constraints as the professional relationships progresses.

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